Cessna · Cessna Citation CJ1+


The CJ1+ is the enhanced version of the CJ1. The already-low operating cost of the CJ1 was  slashed to become the lowest operating cost of any comparable turboprop, and  small upgrades on the engines and the increase of usable payload make a big  difference. One of its biggest performance improvements is its climb rate: it took 59 minutes for the CJ1 to climb to 41,000 feet; the CJ1+ can climb to the same altitude in only 32 minutes.
The CJ1+ is an extremely fuel-efficient private jet, burning slightly lower than the CJ1. Another of the CJ1+’s strong points also contributes to its low operating cost: the simplicity (but reliability) of its flight systems. The CJ1+ is designed to be as easy to fly as possible. Despite the CJ1+’s economy in flight, it allows for a surprisingly high payload. Its three baggage compartments can carry a total of 832 pounds of luggage. The CJ1+ was specifically designed to be able to easily operate from a 4,000 foot runway under the most difficult conditions – high temperature and elevation, and maximum loading capacity. 
The cabin of the CJ1+ is almost identical to that of the CJ1.  It holds five seats in a club arrangement, with one side-facing seat.   Like its predecessor, it has a fully enclosed lavatory, small galley, and foldout worktables.  Increased soundproofing techniques make flights quieter. 
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Cessna Citation CJ1+
Classification: Light Jet
Seats: 5
Speed: 389 kts
Range: 895 nm
Interior Height: 1.44 m
Interior Width: 1.47 m